Weather & Disaster Management

Every year natural disasters, like floods, fires, hurricanes, and earthquakes challenge agricultural production.   Agriculture relies on the weather, climate, and water availability to thrive and it is easily impacted by natural events and disasters.

" Worst floods in past century"

August 2018, Kerala, India experienced the worst floods in the state's history .

Crops in 45,000 hectares of farmland are damaged .

Over 200,000 farmers suffered losses of  INR1000 crores(USD150 Million).

Our Products & Solutions


Soil Moisture Solutions  

  • Assisting Crop Productivity

Indirect entry into global food production markets

  • Predicting Floods

40% of all Natural Disasters in the world

  • Monitoring Droughts

Set to increase 3 fold by 2100

  • Improving Weather Forecasts

Raw data provided to Met agencies

  • Detailing Water, Energy and Carbon Cycles

Monitoring of Paris Climate Agreement progress


Mapping of Flooded Regions Using Satellite Data

Weather Solutions

Monsoon prediction